If You Are Looking For a Simple Way To Build Automated Income In Your Spare Time, But Have Tried and Failed Miserably To Accomplish Your Goal, 

"100% Free, Done For You, Hands Free System Allows Absolute Newbies With **No Experience, No Skills, No List, And No Clue** To Absolutely Crush It Online

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Dear Friend,

Are you Sick and Tired of Absolutely Struggling To Make the kind of income online that you so desperately Desire? 

Hello. I'm Alvin. 

In Just a Matter Of Six Weeks I was able to earn $25,525 in commissions once I 'cracked the code' to making an absolute killing online. 

And the funny thing is,  I used to be just like you are just a short while ago....

Doing everything I could to make this 'online thing' work for me

UI Squandered Hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on training and information products, ebooks, webinars, 'coaching', strategies, methods, and "other crap".....

That promised the moon, and didn't deliver. I know exactly what it's like to spend my hard earned money trying to get the answers, and feel like I got hosed by yet another online scammer. 

i know what it's like spending countless hours on YouTube, attending call after call, attending every "stanky hotel meeting", listening to millionaire mentors babble on about how I just needed this one last thing, and FINALLY the flood gates would open. 

And let me tell ya....

It felt like absolute garbage. 

Watching everyone recieve awards, commendations, and standing on stage with those big cardboard checks. I racked my brain and lost countless hours of sleep trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. 

I kept handing my money over to these "GURU'S" only to get screwed over time and time again. All while they used my money to fund their extravegant lifestyles of private leer jets, expensive cars, huge mansions, and big boobed models. 

I was pissed off, frustrated, irratated.....

But More Than Anything Else I was ashamed. 

Ashamed that had let myself be taken for a ride by these online conmen. 

I Went Through Absolute Hell In The Process Of Learning To Make Consistent Sales Online:

  • Maxxed Out Credit Cards
  • Mountains of Accumlated Debt From Trying And Testing Different Methods
  • Ruined Personal Relationships
  • Attempted Suicide
  • Lack of Personal Confidence
  • And a Whole Slew of Other Problems I'm Not Going to Bore You with here!

Why did it seem so easy for others, while I struggled so hard to even break even. 

And don't get me wrong. I tried everything. 

But this isn't any of the stuff that I tried

Then One Day, Almost By A Strike Of Dumb Luck And Happenstance, I FINALLY Found The Missing Piece of The Puzzle I Had Been Searching For All Along....

From all of trial and error, and countless dollars testing different methods, only to fall flat on my face time and time again, I quickly began to notice something.

Some missing piece of the puzzle that the guru's left out.

And for good reason. Bc once this secret was divulged, anyone (and I mean ANYONE) could quickly go from a broke, struggling marketer, to an absolute POWERHOUSE online.

Not Long after I stumbled onto this secret I was able to generate over $25,525 in just six weeks from one of my affiliate platforms. 

And it didn't stop there...

I was able to easily and effortlessly start DOMINATING anyone affiliate contest that I entered. 

If you're vomit sick of logging into your affiliate accounts, your payment processors, and your backoffice of whatever program it is that you're promoting and being like the guy on the right..

Seeing Gooseegg's as a sobering reminder you have ZERO results, you need to take a serious look at what I'm about to share with you. 

Introducing ...

[Placed your product image here]

Automated Paychecks is truly a revolutionary system that will help you, no matter what your current experience level is, or what the current level of success you've experienced while trying to make money on the internet. 

  • No Complicated Set Up - You Don't Have To Worry About Setting Up All the Technical Stuff Like Setting Up Capture Pages, Replicating Websites, Autoresponders, And All The Time Consuming Stuff
  • No Out Of Pocket Expenses - Normally with any type of system you would have some sort of expense. If you are building them yourself, you have to hire programmers to code the site, professional copywriters to make sure that ad copy will convert at high levels, designers to make stunning banners an images. You don't have to worry about any of that here. We're handing it to you on a silver platter. Already Done. Completely Free. 
  • Mentorship from Proven Six Figure Mentors - How many times have you joined some online opportunity, hoping to learn from a high level marketer, only to be left all on your own to piece everything together. 
  • Full Community Support- Not only will you have access to six figure earners, but you will also gain access to our members only community where other members will be able to answer any questions and address any concerns, should your mentors not be avialble. We strive to be build a fun, exciting, and well rounded community where members help one another grow, motivate one another by sharing success stories, and build life long relationships that will benefit them for the remainder of their lives. 

Simply Plug Into The System, Follow The Simple Three Step Process, and Collect Your Profits While We Do All Of The Complicated Stuff For You

The system that you are going to have access to when you click that button that says set up your free account is the product of all of my research, testing and development online. Countless hours of testing, thousands of dollars spent on the research, development, and proving that this system just works. All done for you. 

Literally all you have to do is plugin a few numbers in some boxes, click some buttons, send the traffic as specified, and let my highly converting videos do all of the selling and telling for you. 

No more doing three way calls, webinars, setting up capture pages, no setting up of websites installing pixels and all types of complicated software spread all over the place. You have everything that you need all in one place, without getting distracted with anything extra so that you can focus on exactly what you need to do. 

And that is Marketing your business!

Dont know where to start in the marketing? 

Don't worry about that either, because we top notch training from the industries best. Everything you will ever need to know about growing a profitable business is contained within our training area. 

"This testimonial text can convinve your site visitors to make a positif decision toward buying your product"

- Name

List More Benefits Your Visitors Can Get If They Buy ...

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Provide Proof That Your Product Works

Giving your visitors a proof that your product works is very important to convince your prospects. This could be anything depending on the type of the product that you're trying to sell. It could be a statistic proof, video demo, interviews, and also more testimonials, etc.

Offer Some Special Bonuses For FREE!

To increase the value of your product, you can add some additional bonuses for FREE. Something companion with your main product. Maybe like training videos, free access to another product of yours, members-only forum, etc. And importantly, you have to offer a support or help desk for your customers.

Tell Them The Price Of Your Product

First, you can recap what they will get when they purchase by listing your main product and all the bonuses. Give your main product and each bonus a value. Calculate all the values to obtain the total values. For example:

Main Product

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4








Based on the total values above, you can let them know that you can easily sell your product for about $400 - $600 because you already spend so much money and time in developing the product. However, you can tell them that you won't charge them for that price. In fact, you won't charge them even for $200 (which is less then a half of the total value).

You only need to pay for $600 $400 $200 $97 if they act fast. You can use a scarcity tactic by letting them know that you will increase the price in x days later, or you will close the offer in x days from now.

Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

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