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Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing

If you landed on this page, you are trying to find out the differences between affiliate marketing and network marketing. You might also be trying to determine which one would be a better fit for you personally. In this article

Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

I’m going to discuss the differences between affiliate marketing and network marketing, and give you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the cold hard truth.

I’ve been a huge proponent of both, and involved in them for a while.

First, you might be wondering who the heck I am, and why you should listen to me.

My name is Alvin Tims, and I am a full time internet marketer, a US Army veteran, and a husband.

I started out online in 2013 when my contract with the army was up, and I was searching for ways to make a living on the internet, because finding a job for someone like myself was rough. (You can read more of my story by clicking here)

I searched endlessly for real, legitimate ways to make money on the internet. Hundreds of hours of “research” and thousands of dollars down the tubes searching for that one method that take me to top of the food chain online.

I want to give you the real, raw, uncut truth about making money online, so that you don’t waste valuable time and effort the way that I did when I was first looking for ways to earn money on the internet.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing (or AM for short) is a business model that involves three parties. A merchant, the affiliate marketer, and the customers. Affiliate marketing is where the affiliate sends the customer to the merchant and is awarded an agreed percentage of the sale (commission) when the customer makes a purchase.

This can happen infinite amount of times and there are a number of different ways you can set up the process. One common way is to create a website and offer value in the form of reviews or content the visitor may be interested in.

There is no team building and you can do this from anywhere in the world.

The Pros of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has many advantages. One of the main advantages being that has a very low financial entry point to get started. There are normally not any sign up fees to get started, just what you need to invest in tools and training to grow your business effectively.

Most affiliate programs pay out very quickly, and in an extremely timely fashion.

The Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Despite all the pros of affiliate marketing, there are a few cons.

The biggest con of am being that there is an extremely large amount of competition in the industry.

You are going to be competing against people with years of experience, massive lists, huge ad budgets, and high authority blogs when you are first starting.

It’s going to seem like a daunting task to go up against the big dogs in the industry, but it can be done.

At first it’s going to be hard for you to generate enough traffic to make a significant amount of money.

There is also a steep learning curve in affiliate marketing.

Also, you have to consistently make new sales every single month, or you will have no income coming in from am.

If you are looking for training on how to start a successful affiliate marketing business without all of the headache and losing a pile of money like I did, click here.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing (as it has recently been called), or Multilevel Marketing as it was referred to for decades, is a business model that involves building leveraged sales teams to sell and products from a supplier, or company. The larger your team, and the more levels of “downline” that you build and the more “volume” that you produce inside of your sales organization, the more income you will earn inside of your business.

The Pros of Network Marketing

Network marketing is a great business model for anyone that is looking to learn the skills of operating their own business, with much lower overhead than the franchise model.

Most mlm companies have outstanding sales training for people that have no experience in sales whatsoever.

It also affords many the opportunity to build a leveraged, stable income, earning month after month on work they did one time.

The Cons of Network Marketing

Network Marketing companies often have a start up cost, ranging anywhere from $40 to $10,000. The majority of them require you to purchase a certain amount of products to retain enough “Volume” to qualify to earn commission.

Another one of the cons of network marketing is that to earn a significant amount of income, you will need to be able to recruit and train a few sales representatives to sell and market the products and services. You also have to be good at teaching, training and motivating your team to make sales, because it is extremely hard to generate enough sales volume to earn a significant income.

Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

This is where I differ from a lot of internet marketers.

Many will tell you that you need to pick one or the other. I don’t believe that. I actually think it’s best to be a hybrid of both. But not at first.

At first you need to learn how to build a solid foundation for an online business before you pick which model you are going to focus on the most.

Each one has their own individual skillsets that you will need to learn, but they both require a basic skillset that is the same.

I’ve built incomes in both industries.

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