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How to Generate Free, Targeted Leads With Facebook

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How to Generate Free, Targeted Leads With Facebook

Leads are the lifeblood of any business.

Social Media is a great way to generate free, targeted leads for your business.

Whether you’re involved with a network marketing business, a traditional brick and mortar business, or just an affiliate marketer, social media is the absolute best way to generate leads.

With social media, all you have to do is set up an account, set up your profile, start building a following, posting your content, and BOOM. Just like that, you’re off to the races.

In today’s post I’m going to show you how I generate free, organic leads from nothing more than a Facebook profile. (This post is specifically dealing with a profile, not a fanpage. To find out the difference between a profile and a fanpage, you can read the article I wrote here.)

4 Steps to Generating Social Media Leads

1. Knowing Your Perfect Customer Avatar

If you want to generate leads, you have to know who you perfect customer will be.

You have to get into extreme detail when designing the avatar for your perfect customer.

How old are they?
What’s their relationship status?
What do they do for a living?

This is just a quick outline of “How to Develop The Perfect Customer Avatar”

2. Providing Valuable Content for Your Audience

If you are looking to generate free, targeted leads on social media, it’s very important to know your perfect customer avatar from step 1 one above.

The reason you want to know your perfect customer inside and out is so that you craft content for them.

It wouldn’t make any sense to post content about the perfect steak recipes if your audience is primarily vegan.

By knowing your audience inside and out, you are able to craft content that they will engage with, comment on, and share with their friends.

For a quick outline on the types of content that gets the most engagement on Facebook, you can read the post I wrote about “5 Types of Highly Engaging Facebook Content”.

3. Directing Your Audience to a Singular Business Hub

Writing content is fine and dandy.

You’ve now got people that are engaging on it, and you’re building an audience with that content.

But what is the point of posting content?

You should only publish content that has a point.

That point should be to convert the person from your audience to a lead.

And you do that by pushing them to a central business hub.

Whether it be an ecommerce store, a blog, or a traditional website, you want to be driving your audience to a centralized location, or your “business hub” if you will.

I talk about how you can use free content to build a good audience for paid ads with little to no budget. Click here to read it now.

4. Strong Call to Action

Now you have a clear understanding of who is your perfect customer.

You’re posting engaging content on your profile.

That content is getting them from your social media account to your business hub.

Now what?


If you want your posting to turn into leads, and eventually sales, you have to give them a clear strong call to action. Tell them to opt in to your list, watch a video, click a button, or buy a product.

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