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My Reflection on Three Years As a Marketer

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My Reflection on Three Years As a Marketer

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Today I stopped for a second and thought about all of the things that I have been able to accomplish over the last three years as an internet marketer.

I realized that I have been able to do some pretty awesome stuff.

About a year and a half ago I was able to walk away from my job, and not be stressed out over money.

I no longer have to trade my time for money.

Something that not a lot of people can say they have ever, or will ever do.

I’ve hit 10k months, 20k months, and even the rare 30k month in online business.

Its pretty mind blowing as I type it out.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if my life would be what it is now, I would have laughed in your face and called you crazy.

I had just enlisted in the US Army.

In the car ride home from the recruiters office….

I got a phone call that would forever change my life.

My grandfather who raised me as I was his own son was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
The doctors only gave him about six months to live.

I balled my eyes out…
I had my wife pull over and I got out of the car and walked home.

I couldn’t let her see me like this.
I had to be the strong the one in our relationship all the time.
I had to be the one that had it all together.
And my world was crumbling down around me.
My entire life was in disarray. I had no idea what I was going to do.

He died three weeks later while I was in basic training.
While I was attending the funeral, I thought about going AWOL and never going back.

I mean, what was the point?

The whole reason why I had even joined the army was to make him proud of me. I hadn’t done anything with my life after “graduating” from high school.

I had flunked out of college, gotten fired from every job I had, and was just partying and selling shit out of a duffle bag to pay my rent and make enough money to buy booze and the occasional bag of pixie dust.

I joined bc he had been in the army, and I thought that was what real men did.

I remember watching all the stuff about September 11th when I was a junior in highschool thinking, “I’ll probably end up in the army. My country needs me.”

That was all I had really thought about for a few years, until I met my wife.

We worked for the same company.

We had even been homeless together for a while.

Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with where my life was heading.

I was going to end up either going to prison, or dying.

I couldn’t support us.

And I was pissed off at the world.

I ended up not making it through basic training, doing a few deployments, and having a pretty decent military career.

But fast forward 7 years, and there I was again.

Not sure what to do with my life.

The military was kind of my last hope. And now that the war was over, so was my career.

I went into a deep depression.

I had no money, no one would hire me bc I was considered “high risk” and the government was taking it’s sweet ass time with my va claim.

My unemployment was running out fast, and I didn’t have enough cash saved up to make it very long.

I even had to move back into my dad’s house with my wife.

It got so bad that I sat in pitch black room with a loaded gun in mouth, thinking about ending it all.

The only reason I didn’t blow my brains out, was I knew either my dad or my wife was going to have clean up all that blood, and I didn’t want to be an inconvenience to anyone anymore than I already had been.

Just as I was about to end it all,
I got another phone call that would forever change my life.

It was one of the guys that I deployed with.
He was super excited about what he had been doing since he got off active duty not much longer after I had.

To this day, I thank him very much.

What he did for me that set in motion a path that has lead me to where I am right now.

Living with absolute joy and happiness every single day.

Waking up with true desire.

Since that phone call, I’ve been through some crappy experiences, had some bumps in the road, but through it all, I’ve learned a valuable skillset that will take me to where I want to go.

I’ve learned how to build websites, and get traffic to them.

I’ve learned how to effectively communicate a message to a mass audience, and influence that audience to take massive action to change their own lives.

I’ve learned how to make hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars using the internet, and I’ve learned that I can be 100% self sustaining with no one to stop me.

I’ve learned the value of personal development.

Of enriching my mind and my spirit by filling my head with good things.

Instead of listening to violent, hate fueled music, and things serve no purpose, I’ve learned that it is better to fill your mind with good things and to attract good things into my life.

It’s been a long three years,

but they’ve been good years.

And I feel like my journey is just now starting.

I’ve been thinking for the last few weeks.

What all started this is a phone call I got from my good friend, mentor, and business partner’s lawyer informing me that he had a massive and stroke, and was getting all of his affairs in order. Which meant that he was turning over a lot of things to me, and that I was going to be making a lot more money.

I was kind of scared, honestly.

Like I said, I have had 10k months, 20k months, and 30k months online before, but they were highly inconsistent. Something that I have been working on for a very long time.

Getting more consistent in my online revenue.

And now, I was being handed something I didn’t really earn, that was going to make that a very real possibility.

I was scared because I didn’t know if I could handle that type of responsibility.

There are a lot of things I had left to learn, and I’m not sure I can learn it all without him there to teach it to me.

I’m definitely going to try my best.

And there are a lot of things that I want to do this year that I haven’t felt like doing in a long time.

I want to do more webinars for my team.

I want to travel.

I want to go to events.

And I want to help more people walk away from their jobs and live the “laptop lifestyle” that so many people dream about.

Which is why I’m working diligently on a system that is going to help a lot of people build multiple streams of passive income, and be able to earn money ll while traveling.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, maybe you’ve reached out to me for coaching or training, I have a limited time offer that runs out on January 15th.

Normally I charge $2500 for one on one coaching, but if you decide that you want to work with me, and do so by January 15th, you will get access to my full library of training for just $50.

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