I don’t really even know what to say about what happened in Orlando.

I just want each and every of the families effected to know that they are in my thoughts and prayers during this horrendous event.

I’m sure their lives have been affected in ways I dare not say that I can understand or sympathize with.

Such a tragedy.

I’m praying for each and every single person involved. Including police and the ones in charge of bringing some sort of justice to this terrible situation.

I don’t know what the motivation or the thoughts were that caused them to carry out such heinous acts.

I don’t know their name, nor do I care to propegate the celebrity that was attached to such a matter.

I think that’s where the media is losing this battle.

Instead of publishing the names of people that carry out acts like this, adding some sort of appeal to others that are thinking of committing such acts, let’s publish the names of the survivors and the ones that lost their lives. Let’s remember them as heroes and support their families in this time of need.

If the media would stop focusing on if this was an act of terror or a hate crime, and focus on the human condition. Put more emphasis on the families, and those that are suffering, offering them the slightest semblanceĀ of sympathy and compassion, I don’t think these things would be happening as much as they are.

And here’s why I think that:

These organizations thrive on publicity. They live and breath the chaos and terror, and their message of hate and disention is only spread by news media.

If we stop naming their name, and stop giving them the attention they crave, they will slowly wither away and die.

So, in this article, I care not to mention who I think is responsible, nor do i care to speculate as to why.

I just know something horrible has happened to my fellow man, and I want to reach out and offer my condolences and sympathies in this time.

Be strong. Be brave.

Know that the world is with you.

We love you, and we are sorry.