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Prospecting vs. Marketing- Which One Should I Be Doing To Generate Network Marketing Leads?

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Prospecting vs. Marketing- Which One Should I Be Doing To Generate Network Marketing Leads?

People are often confused as to what method would be the best for generating leads for their network marketing business.

In this article I’m going to talk about the difference between prospecting and marketing, and which one you should personally be doing to grow your business online.  I can’t tell you exactly how you should be building your business. That’s a decision that you have to make for yourself. Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll know which method is better for you based on what level you are at in your business. Let’s get started

What is The Difference Between Prospecting and Marketing? 

To understand whether prospecting or marketing will be better for your business, you first need to understand the difference between the two.

The difference is the methodology in which the are accomplished.

Prospecting is an active method of growing your business, while marketing is a passive method to growing your business.

Active Marketing (Prospecting)

There are a lot of ways that you can actively market your business to generate leads.

Social Media is a very good example of an “Active Marketing” method.

You post on social media, gain engagement, and garner relationships with other people. This often means that you are have conversations with people about your products, services, or your business.

You can also run ads for your business, which is another great way to actively market your business for leads.

Not sure where to start with paid advertising for your network marketing business? Check out my course here.

What are the advantages of active marketing? 

The advantage of these types of activities to generate leads for your business is you will start to see results right away. Almost instantly you will see if your methods are generating leads or not. You will see if people are responsive to your messaging, or if you need to change your approach. People will tell you EXACTLY what they think. Often without you even asking them for it.

What are the disadvantages of active marketing? 

The main disadvantage of active marketing is that it takes time that you could be doing something else.

Not that this is the end of the world, but for me personally, it’s not really my favorite thing in the world.

Prospecting is effective, and many six and seven figure earners in network marketing are very successful at prospecting. It’s just not personal favorite thing to do.

I don’t like be tied to my computer or constantly staring at my phone to see if a prospect is responding. I’d rather be out enjoying my life, hanging out on the river while all the wage slaves are at work, or be out in a tree stand, or riding my Harley. But that’s just me…..

I prefer passive marketing strategies


Passive Marketing (Marketing)

Passive marketing strategies for your business are a long term and sustainable way to generate leads for your network marketing business.

The reason why I love passive marketing strategies is that I can literally do the work once, and generate leads for life.

I wrote a post about “The Best Passive Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Network Marketing Business”. You should definitely check that out to get a better understanding of some the methods you can use.

What are the Advantages of Passive Marketing? 

I hit it in the paragraph above, but the main advantage of passive marketing is that you set it up and forget it.

Another advantage of passive marketing strategies is that it makes you an authority in your niche. If you have a blog with a lot of content, people are going to read it. And as we all know, people don’t join businesses. They join people.

One of the advantages to passive marketing that not a lot of people talk about is passive marketing helps to boost your S.E.O. If you have a blog or a website that is the central hub of your business (as you should be doing if you’re branding yourself properly), you will rank higher on search engines for long tail keywords.

What are the disadvantages of passive marketing? 

The major one that I can think of is that passive marketing takes time for you to see results.

It’s not going to happen overnight.

And many people aren’t going to stick to it long enough to see any real results.

I’ve been blogging for over 5 years, and did so for three before I ever started network marketing in other niches outside of the “make money online” space.

And it’s not easy. You have to write the content and be consistent with posting to your blog.

As I said in the beginning….
There ain’t no easy button.

And passive marketing is just awesome. I can’t sing it’s praises enough in this post without writing a full fledged novel.

I hope you have a good understanding of the differences between prospecting and marketing, and have a good idea of which method would be better for you.

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