Sick and Tired of Clicks that Flat Out Suck (Not Converting Into Leads and Sales For Your Business)?

Solo Ad Packages

Who Am I? And Why Should You Care?

Hi. I'm Alvin. 

I'm a verified six figure earner online, and I have crushed leaderboards for the last three years in the affiliate marketing arena. 

I've also built very large teams in the network marketing industry, totaling into the thousands. 

Let's get down to brass tacks. 

Most solo providers traffic just flat out sucks. 

No bones about it. 

They recycle the same clicks over and over, mailing their list to the point of killing their whole list. 
They tell you that they segment their lists in special ways, and that their traffic is unique.

In actuality, most of them do some down right sneaky things. 
Stuffing clicks with bot traffic, list swaps with other providers, and going so far as to stuff fake optins to their clients lists. 

Now that's just not cool. 

Why My Traffic is Better, and How I'm Going to Stuff Money In Your Pockets...

Consider me a reverse pick-pocket. 
Instead of taking your wallet and taking off running, I'm going to put money in your pocket and walk away.

Ok. Not Really. 

But I might as well be......

Whether you're a seasoned internet marketer that knows how get conversions, or you're a complete newbie that doesn't know the difference between conversions and clicks, I make it my business to help you get the most return on your advertising dollar. 

I Use a Unique Process to Generate Fresh Leads and Sign Ups to My List, Everyday!

The process that I use to generate subscribers to my list is patented, and honestly, if I told you, I'd have to kill you. 

Just kidding....

... KIND OF. 

But, I do something most other solo vendors don't do. 

I buy fresh traffic, and run it through my "specialized process", ensuring that you ONLY get the best clicks to your capture page, affilaite offer, business opportunity, or money making website. 

Solo Ad Packages

What Kind of Offers Convert?

What Past Clients Have to Say....

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