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What Is Attraction Marketing?

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What Is Attraction Marketing?

What Is Attraction Marketing?

What is Attraction Marketing? If you landed on this page, you’re searching trying to find out exactly what is attraction marketing, or you are looking for ways that you can apply attraction marketing to your online business.

Attraction Marketing is the process of drawing interest to a company, product or service using carefully devised techniques, according to (view that article by clicking here).

In recent years, attraction marketing has been taken over by network marketing companies, because they use this method effectively to acquire new customers and business partners by offering value to their marketplace in their selected niche.

Gone are the days of pestering friends and family with your business opportunity, pitching random strangers, bugging anyone that comes within a 50 foot radius of you, and just being a general pain in the tush about your new income stream.

Thanks to the internet, attraction marketing has made it extremely easy for newbie entrepreneurs to build a profitable home based business.

As Ray Higdon (a well respected member of the home business industry) best put it

“Attraction marketing is the concept of creating value and building intrigue for your target prospect so they are attracted to you and your message” (check out his blog post on attraction marketing here).

Attraction Marketing is all about putting out value, not just plastering ads all over the place and hoping someone buys one of your products. Attraction marketing comes from a place of serving your core audience more so than what they can do for you. To implement a strong attraction marketing campaign in your business, you really need to know exactly who it is that your ideal customer is and what are their pain points. You need to know your ideal customer inside and out, all of their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. You also need to be able to service those needs and address their concerns.

If you are having a tough time identifying who your ideal customer is and coming up with a clear customer avatar, check out the short article that I wrote here that is going to show you exactly how to determine the perfect customer avatar.

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