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Why You Need a Home Business In 2018

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Why You Need a Home Business In 2018

Things are rapidly changing in our society.

Faster than many of us even realize at times.

I awoke this morning to news of 63 Sam’s Club stores closing.

Here’s the article I read about it.

Pretty shocking that people woke up to go to work, and were met with locked doors and police officers shooing people away.

But those are the times that we live in.

If you read the article, and more into why they closed the stores, it was because the stores didn’t meet sales requirements of expected growth, and “to turn the stores into eCommerce fulfillment centers.”

Just goes to show you why having a home business nowadays is so important.

If you’re not building your secondary income outside of a job, you might go to work one morning to see that the doors are locked.

Be prepared, but not scared.

Automation is taking many low skill level jobs and putting people out of work faster than they can blink.

Don’t let me be the one to say “I told you so”

Start today!