How to Determine Your Perfect Customer Avatar, So Only the Best People Get Your Stuff

How To Create The Perfect Customer Avatar

What is a customer avatar? How do you create one? How important is a customer avatar? If you are looking to find out how to determine your perfect customer avatar to get your products into the hands of the right people, keep reading.

“The 40 foot rule is dead. If you sell to everyone, you end up selling to noone”

Truer words have never been spoken on all of the interwebs.

Selling products and services on the internet is all about knowing who your perfect customer is so that you can get the absolute best products in their hands that meet specific needs.

You accomplish that by knowing exactly who your customer is by setting up what’s known as an avatar. As the merriam webster definition states, an avatar is merely a shell representation of a person.

No, not the tall blue guy from the James Cameron movie. But the best representation of who you are looking to serve in the marketplace.

It doesn’t matter what niche or what industry you are in, you need to have a customer avatar in place.

Key Components of a customer avatar

Goals and Values

Begin with the goals and values of your ideal customer. Make note of the goals and values that are relevant to the products and services you offer. You’ll use this information to drive product creation, copywriting, content marketing and email marketing.
I know that the core group of people that I am serving with my blog is mainly newbie entrepreneurs that are looking to grow a profitable online business. I know that many of them are family oriented, and are looking for a way to build a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.
Some of their goals would be to build a full time income online, quit their job, hit a certain rank in their company, sell a certain amount of products, or make a certain amount of money.
Their values would be to serve their marketplace in the most effective way, teach, train and motivate their team for success, as well as helping achieve certain goals.
So knowing that my ideal customer is looking to rank up in their company, I could draft the email headline of

“Looking to Bust Ranks like the Guru’s Do?”

That would definitely get their attention, don’t you think?

Sources of Information

This section of creating your customer avatar is critical to determining the “where” of your customes. You will determine the best places to advertise and the targeting options you’ll use to reach your avatar by listing their sources of information.
Use the “But no one else would” trick when filling out this section of the customer avatar creation. You’ll simply complete sentences like these…

  • My ideal customer would read [BOOK] but no one else would.
  • My ideal customer would subscribe to [MAGAZINE] but no one else would.
  • My ideal customer would attend [CONFERENCE] but no one else would.

Starting to understand?

I know that my perfect customer that regularly views this blog is someone that interested in growing a full time income online through affiliate marketing or a network marketing business.

I know that they would attend network marketing events when noone else will. I know that they will sit in on webinars talking about how to optimize facebook ad campaigns when noone else will. I know that they probably subscribe to my newsletter when noone else will.








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